The Vam Terrain Fragrance was launched in 2019. Though discontinued, we present this fragrance collection as part of our archive for curious minds. 

The Vam Terrain Fragrance was designed as an olfactive hologram, reflecting the aromatic contours of three distinctive regions of Scotland, intended to enrich your interior environment and augment your Scotch whisky experience.

The word vam, from the Old Scottish Dictionary, carries two primary meanings: it can refer to a spell (or hypnotic influence), or to an aroma. Fittingly, we chose this name for our terrain fragrance, for scent is transportative and one’s experience of it is an emotional and physiological journey to the oldest part of the brain, the root of our memories.

With the Vam Terrain Frangrance, we employed the total recall of our perfumer Mark Buxton and creative director Sruli Recht, who took a trip through Scotland: first the Highlands, then the Isle of Skye, and finally the Isle of Islay. As they travelled, they took notes, botanicals, air samples, and aromatic mnemonics. From these they crafted a scent odyssey for one to experience. A hero’s journey to embark on, return from, and retell in one's own words amongst hearth and home.

The Highlands scent recalls the running water, sharp wet stone, dense vegetation of pine and moss, and late sunlight flickering through the trees at the edge of the Cairngorms National Park. It is designed as a close proximity, evoking the mystery of the forest and the unknown. It is the hero’s call to adventure.

Notes: Galbanum oil, pine needle absolute, hay absolute, cedarwood, watery accord, tonka beans, birch tar, myrrh oil, oakwood absolute.

The Skye scent takes you to a windswept but sheltered valley, high above the sea and just below the epic rock formation of Storr. It is designed as a mystical fragrance, evoking the ethereal but also the dangerous. It is the crossing of the threshold in the hero's journey.

Notes: Salt accord, green grass accord, heather, moss, amber, peat accord, birch tar, oakwood, burnt leather accord.

The Islay scent lies at the intersection of land, sea and sky, calling to mind the saltiness of the ocean, peaty smoke, and heather. It is designed as a wide, open space where the unstoppable force of currents collide. It is the death and rebirth of the hero.

Notes: angelique root, beeswax absolut, broom absolut, algues concrete, ice water accord, birch tar, arnica absolut, burnt incense, moss, peat accord.