This set is for the whisky studious; the ones who like to tinker with their dram and record the changes in flavor concentration through the addition of water to their whisky—drop by drop. 

The set is comprised of our Drave Water Pipette & Carafe (two meticulously designed and crafted objects for the whisky ritual), and a pair of our Norlan Whisky Glasses

Whisky Glass: Borosilicate glass
Pipette: Aluminum
Carafe: Non-leaded crystal
Whisky Glass: 3.7" tall, 3.2" diameter
2.5" diameter at rim
Pipette: 7.9" long, 0.4" square
Carafe: 6.1" high, 3.3" wide
Whisky Glass: ~ 5.9 fl oz to rim.
Recommended pour 0.7 to 1.4 fl oz
Whisky Glass: ~ 4.4 oz.
Pipette: 1.3 oz
Carafe: ~ 2.2 lb
Not recommended