A set for the whisky on the rocks advocate and their willing companion. 

Our Nyht Whisky Decanter was originally conceived as a serving vessel for private moments when one is wrapped up with a book, an album, or a series—a compact decanter for measuring out a few drams into our Rauk Heavy Tumbler over the course of an evening. 

But for those times when the whisky traveler's co-pilot is also on board, one should always have a matching glass on hand... assuming said co-pilot also partakes in the divisive act of adding ice to whisky. 

Decanter: Mouth-blown non-leaded crystal with decorative aluminum lid
Tumbler: Machine-pressed non-leaded crystal
Decanter: Hand ground, diamond wheel cut, sandblasted, and polished
Decorative lid: Precision machined with shock spray surface finish
Decanter: 4.7" high x 3.4" wide
Tumbler: 3.7" high, 2.9" diameter at rim
~ 8.5 fl oz
~ 1.5 lb
Decanter hand made in Czechia
Decorative lid precision machined in China
Tumbler machine pressed in Czechia
A design by Sruli Recht